Cognitive Canines Dog Training - Positive Training That's Fun for the Whole Family
Welcome to Cognitive Canine Dog Training,
your source for in-home dog training which is fully customized to meet your needs.  
Based in Pocono Pines, PA, Cognitive Canine offers family friendly, dog friendly training throughout Monroe County and surrounding areas.
Following the AVSAB (American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior) guidlines, all  dogs are trained using scientifically proven Force Free, positive reinforcement training methods which are completely free of physical force and coercion.

Force free dog training puts the emphasis on rewarding a dog for making good choices, rather than punishing him for mistakes.  It's an intelligent, efficient, humane way to teach, and in addition, it's fun for all participants.  Not only do trainers and owners who use force free teaching methods gain faster compliance from their dogs, but they foster in each dog a lifetime love of learning, while creating a solid relationship built on mutual respect and trust.
You will be shown how to use positive reinforcement to encourage your dog to make the right choices, which will allow him to be successful at sharing his home and his life with you.  You will also be given tools for managing some of the common challenges which all dogs and dog owners face, while helping you develop the skills needed to handle more complex issues which might arise.  You'll be amazed and delighted to see how your dog's ability to think for himself and make excellent behavioral choices increases as your bond deepens.
Cognitive Canine Dog Training offers a variety of in-home training packages for you to choose from, ranging from a single one-hour session, to Day Training, in which we visit your home three times per week and train your dog while you're at work. 
In addition to in-home training services, we occasionally offer foundation classes; canine sports classes; behavior-specific classes; and guided dog walks. 
We look forward to helping you have the loving, respectful relationship with your dog that both of you deserve.
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